Before you move

before you move

Having an organized move can be the difference between living an extremely stressed process or having an incredible experience as you begin a new stage in your new home.

Here we share 15 super good tips that have worked with our customers over the years and that I share with pleasure so that you too can pass from chaos to order!

1. Debug before the move, not after

• I can not emphasize that you DO NOT get the same from point A to point B. When you arrive at a new home, it's like starting from scratch; new life, new energy, new opportunities for a clean slate and a new account. And when you take EVERYTHING without PURIFY it is like taking the past to a new space.

• Get rid of attachments and start from scratch! I recommend you to support yourself with signs that help you to refine in the process before the move. Remember: donation, trash, friends and family and recycling.

2. Create a moving folder

• Living a move is a stress that we all experience even if we are the coolest in the world. We deal with many papers, contracts, receipts, data, lists, phones, budgets, services and more, also in the middle of a move can disappear and go crazy.

• If you have EVERYTHING related to your move in one place, you can concentrate on what happens around you without the stress of losing something or not finding an important piece of information that you need at that moment.

• I apply the armada of a "moving" folder in which I separate by categories that I need and I save myself a headache. Try it!

3. Create a packaging kit by hand

• Normally debugging and packing our house takes a lot of time and when there are more family members involved, we all want to move forward and do things in our free time. Which means that when you want to use cinnamon tape, obviously you do not find it because "someone" else used it. And so with scissors and down, etc.

• So I recommend that you have your "special moving kit" where you can EVERYTHING you need to pack and so always have everything at hand and do not waste time looking for things.

4. Set colors for each room with labels

• When things finally reach the new house, what I always hear is the ones from the move saying: "Where do I leave this box?" About 30 times. And you with the nerve and everything that is happening around you only say that you leave them "anywhere" and then you see, ha ha.

• I propose that to save the back pain of the following week, make a system of colored labels for each room and packaging according to those colors.

• It is easiest to put stamps on the boxes depending on which room each one goes, and then put a card of that color to each room, so those of the move will only have to follow colors and not wait for your instructions. Sounds good, right?

5. Change clothes hanging without effort

• With a large plastic bag cover from the bottom up lots of hanging clothes and make a little nudity at the top.
• Pick up the hooks and take them in the car to your new home.
• When you get there, all you have to do is hang it and remove the bag. Ready! You changed your clothes hanging in 2 simple steps.
Remember to reuse plastic bags

6. Use small boxes to load books and cut a triangle on the sides to load them easier without hurting yourself

• Total error to store ALL of your books in the largest boxes; They can be defaced and you need the Hulk to load them later. Even when you are not going to make the move you can throw your hand behind the backs of the mudanceros and leave them less volume and weight in the small boxes.

7. Wrap cups, glasses or crockery with your own rags, towels and sheets

• Save the things that can be broken wrapped in plastic bubble to run less risk in the process of change.
• If you do not want to invest in that, you recommend that you use the things you already have at home and that you still need to go to the new home, such as sheets, towels, kitchen rags, etc.


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