Local Moving

local moving

"Let me ease your move"

There are many moving companies in Atlanta but Eddy's Movers understands how stressful moving can be.

Our crew of skilled movers is there for you throughout your move process.

Each moving professional is equipped to answer your questions, provide you with a moving quote and for those large or long distance moves supply an in-home estimator for a written moving quote.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our moving checklists offer a way to monitor the progress of your move and helps ensure you don’t overlook any important details.

We specialize in covering your details. One of our moving coordinators will serve as your personal assistant walking you through every aspect of your relocation. Long distance moves, corporate moves, commercial moves, you name it, we do it!

Whether you decide to let us handle all your packing, which we strongly recommend to protect your belongings, or you want to do some or all of your packing yourself, we are here to help you.

You can expect to be enamored by the quality care we provide for your items. Quite frankly our moving crew is trained to treat your items as if they were our own.

We have over 24 years of moving experience and Eddy's Movers is a full service moving company that takes pride in supplying our customers with first-rate service.

Tips for Local Moving

To survive your move and make a well-organized move these tips can help your belongings come better or, at least, make your experience is not so chaotic:

The lack of planning is the main error.

Get boxes and lots of newspaper.
Also have at hand: tape, scissors and a thick marker. The boxes if they can be of medium size and large size, better than better.
Clean the refrigerator thoroughly. The ideal is not to transport any food. You can ask for help from a friend or family member so they can store the food in the freezer one day and not waste it.

Try cleaning the carpets before rolling them up.

Separate the clothes. For example, shirts, underwear, etc., can go well folded and in boxes perfectly. If you have larger coats or jackets, or suits, it would be convenient for your moving company to provide you with a clothes rack that would go inside the truck or you can use your travel bags to transport them.

Call with time: Do not ask for the move from one day to another, call with a week or 15 days in advance. Do not hire the first company you call-unless you have done another service and you are a customer-request a budget from at least three serious companies.

List what is going: Part of the calculation of the cost of a move is made with the volume and weight of the objects. A local move without packing service can be charged per hour. In order not to pack what you will throw away later, pre-clean, strip, give away or sell what you do not need and write it down in a detailed inventory.

The estimated budget

It is impossible to give an exact estimate of a move, each service depends on several factors, such as the volume of objects to be transported, their weight and distance.

When you call to ask for reports, you should be clear about these details: the apartment you live in, if your house has one or more levels, how many rooms you are going to move, how many white goods and if you have furniture that is difficult to disassemble, heavy or very bulky . The more accurate you are with what you have, the more accurate the budget will be. Your inventory will also be useful for this.

Many companies offer a visit to review what will be transported, establish what size of truck is required, how long it will take to pack and unpack. This is a good strategy to get the most approximate cost, it's time to ask all your questions.

Pack little by little: If you organize, you can pack a couple of boxes a day and not all at once. Label them so that you know their content and to which area they correspond.

Many companies offer the service of packaging with an extra cost, if you decide to take it, try to be present in the process and have your inventory so that nothing is lost.

Separate the glasses and the crockery. Before putting them in boxes, it is convenient to wrap them in newspaper, to avoid breakages and rubbing. The most fragile objects, type mirrors or crystals in general, it is advisable to wrap them in a bubble. However, ask your mover when they are going to load it to reinforce it with a blanket before putting it on the truck. When you have finished packing everything, give a final review to the whole house to confirm that you do not forget anything.

Cancel all the services you have and make sure your new house has them: water, electricity and gas, internet and tv. If you are renting, it will be enough for you to agree with your landlord to change the payment details or how you have it. If it is a home of its own, a very important recommendation is not to cancel the contracting of supplies. If you have in mind to sell or rent your home in the coming months or even if a year goes by, it costs more to pay the minimum quotas without consumption than the money that costs you later to re-register all supplies. We tell you from experience.

Pay the insurance: It is better to prevent incidents. Every serious moving company offers limited liability insurance. These cover accidents such as breaks, although there is also the option to pay more for insurance with ample coverage. If it is about art pieces or objects with high economic or sentimental value you should take the wide coverage for personal security and tranquility.

Day D: Moving is one of the most stressful moments in life, try to be as prepared as possible. Have extra cash for any eventuality. Make sure - with your inventory in hand - how many boxes are loaded onto the truck and how many are going down. If you can not do it, find a trusted person to help you.

Pay attention to the services with extra cost

Check the accesses in the two buildings to avoid surprises and ask what can cause a cost at the time of the move, for example:

1. Fly furniture: if the washing machine does not fit and you must fly it, there will be an extra cost.
2. More than three floors: some companies charge


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