Moving Special Items

moving special items

"Let me ease your move"

Removals with special or less usual objects that must also be taken into account

When changing house or office always take into account the most common belongings such as clothing or furniture in the case of home, or tables, chairs and computers in the case of work furniture. But there are changes with more special objects, or less usual, that do not usually occur in all transfers, and that must be taken into account so that everything comes out in an organized and unpredictable manner.

The key point of a good organization is to have everything right on a list and have decided in advance with whom and how we will do the move. The professional removal companies can also advise and give you service for the transfer of this type of less common equipment in our office or home.

Special medications

Most people have medicines at home and we take them with us even on small trips or trips, but there are some such as injections or vaccines, which can be used more often at home if we live with sick people, or elderly people or children These medications are more delicate to move. If they do not need storage temperatures you can take them in closed and isolated boxes that avoid sunlight, cold or heat, although it will be essential that they stand up. Those who need to move cold can take them in portable coolers, if not many. If you do not consult refrigerated containers.

Plants and flowers

They are other living beings that often give us company and make life at home brighter. The plants must be the last to be mounted on the moving truck and the first to leave so that they suffer as little as possible, and thus avoid drastic changes in temperature and light.

Removals with valuable objects

Among these objects and special or unusual items in the removals are valuable items such as jewelry. These pieces or these smaller value documents are advisable to transport them with oneself so that they are not damaged or can be lost due to misuse of the packaging.


You may have pictures or sculptures at home. The mudanceros are accustomed to packing and moving this type of equipment and we take into account their value to do it with the utmost care. In the event that you order them to pack them, in addition to the cardboard boxes, use plastic with bubbles or wrap them with newspaper or similar. In addition, it is advisable to take out insurance in case of loss or breakage.

Objects of great fragility

We refer mainly to carved glass, lamps with rhinestones or similar objects, or also, dressed in real luxury for example. In the latter case it is advisable to use wardrobe boxes to move them.

To avoid damage, these fragile objects should not be removed from their wrapping until the rest of the belongings and belongings have already been placed.

Decorative figurines

Perhaps of less economic value but not for that sentimental, are those objects as decorative figurines, frames ... that are distributed on our shelves, and that if we want to take them with us to the new destination they should also be treated as they deserve. Therefore, store them and pack them with the same security as the rest of your belongings so that they do not deteriorate along the way.

Piano Movers

If you have to move a piano in a move, do not entrust it to any company. The effort to make piano changes is not only in the muscles of the operators: the performance of experienced professionals in these piano removals is needed.

Piano removals: types of instruments

Both a wall piano and a grand piano have exceptional shapes when it comes to moving pianos, so getting special drawers is not easy. The packaging is also very particular and if we add the sensitivity of the musical instrument, the difficulty increases, but your piano well deserves the effort of looking for the best and moving it with guarantee.

On the other hand, when a company accepts piano changes, it puts the maximum effort and the necessary equipment to carry out the work. The accessibility to the piano and the complexity of the terrain will determine the skill and the steps to follow.

Steps to be followed by the piano removal company:

- Test the piano to check its correct operation

  • - Packing, wrapping it in special quilted material
  • - If there are stairs, lower it between three operators and one more reinforcement
  • - When you reach the ground floor, deposit it on the floor with extreme care
  • - By means of anchors, load it in specific trucks for pianos equipped with belts and tensioners
  • - At destination, repeat the upload operation, same as the download operation
  • - When installing it again, unpack, check and refine it if necessary

Many companies use ramps on long flights of stairs to slide the piano smoothly. They also increase the staff to four and five workers.


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