"Let me ease your move"

We will give a series of tips to package in any move, but more oriented to the assumption that you are the one who prepares things so that a moving company, for example, only has to transport them, which will result in a cost smaller for you

How to pack in a move Experts recommend packing per room, so the boxes you use for the move should be marked with the name of the room and a summary of what they contain.

What things do you need?

We'll talk about the supplies needed to pack. They are the following:

Boxes: You can get boxes from a moving company, of course. But in many cases, you can get them for free by searching. A good place to start would be a beverage store, or some stores
Filling: This concept includes bubble wrap and similar items to cushion fragile items. You should even consider using towels and T-shirts that can be used as a filler
Blankets: You will want in a move to protect the table and other edges of furniture from scratches and the like. The simple blankets of the house, which in any case you also want to transport, can make this role.
Tape: Truly, there is no substitute for a good adhesive tape.

Now, we give you the following general advice:

Pack similar items together.
Placement: start packing each box with a layer of filling, they can be newspapers. Then place the heavier items. We will not say it enough times: label each box per room and per content.
Finally, pack a box of essential items: screwdrivers, hammers, sandwiches, beverages, toothbrushes, clothes for a change, paper plates, plastic utensils and cups, a first aid kit, medicines, etc.


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