What We Do

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Our professional movers take the time to fully understand your moving needs; we work hard to earn your trust before ever lifting that first box onto the truck. With over 24 years of experience serving our valued customers' moving and storage needs, Eddy's Movers can ensure the unmatched quality and reliability of our moving services.


Also We Do

Residential Moving

Moving to a new home? Our residential moving services are our most requested moving service! Our staff of professional and dedicated sales associates will be able to assist with any questions or concerns regarding your next residential move. We understand that our homes contain many of our hard earned possessions in life; For that reason, we pride ourselves in protecting your belongings to the best of standards. Our moving crew will accommodate your items with care and will prioritize the fragility of your belongings.

Office Moving

Have a busy office to move? We can move your office space quickly and efficiently so that you can continue business as usual. Our crew will disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble any items as needed. From cubicle assemblies to furniture rearrangements, we can cater to your office move so that you won’t have to. No business is too big or small. Let us ease your move.

Employee Relocation

Many employers seek a professional moving company that will provide customized service with great rates. Employee relocation services not only accommodate to your employer, but to the person being moved as well. With that understanding, we communicate with both sides to meet the expectations of both our clients in this kind of service. You can count on our sales associates and moving crew to tailor to your employer’s moving needs and those of your own.

Small Moves

Moving can be a struggle, even with a small home or apartment. We can help your small move go even quicker than you may expect. We eliminate the headache of renting a moving truck, calling friends for help, and the backbreaking labor of moving your belongings. Not to mention returning the moving truck after all the exhausting work involved. We provide as much detail to any small move as we would to any other moving service we provide. Any job, big or small, let us ease your move.

Packing and Storage

No moving company is complete without the ability to pack and store items like a true professional. Packing your belongings in an organized and safe manner allows us to be efficient in our ability to store and identify your belongings. We also cater to your needs by providing storing options. All of your belongings will be secured in our warehouse facility.

Areas We Service